• Do you rely on computers and networks to run your organisation?
  • Do you want more confidence in the security, compliance and reliability of your technology systems?
  • Do you want ideas, plans and support to help you reduce your IT costs while improving business productivity?

Why you should have your technology managed for you

All businesses use technology to operate. However, technology is no longer limited to installing a server and some software and getting on with business.

Now you have to manage Internet access, email, viruses and other threats, storage, backup, disaster recovery, wireless access and many other technological elements.

The fact is, managing IT systems surpassed most business owners’ expertise some time ago, but the alternatives to ‘do-it-yourself’ IT maintenance were unappealing until now.

You either used a ‘break/fix’ company that probably charged a fixed fee for limited services, or you hired an expensive, internal resource that generally didn’t have the full range of experience required.

The advent of new, lower-cost technologies means IT firms can now remotely monitor and manage hundreds of small-business networks, servers and computers and keep them secure, online and optimised.

This is called managed IT services and it’s what IPConnect does.

By working with IPConnect, you can save up to 30 per cent of your annual IT costs, improve the value you get from your technology, increase network security and take
IT management off your daily to-do list.